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Long week end...

Where should I start?

Let's see - my weekend in Wisconsin was rather uneventful. We didn't do much on Thrusday. Just set up camp and the like. Friday we went shopping for stuff for the family reunion.

Saturday was the family reunion. It was smaller than most years. Luckily it wasn't too hot. My sister and her family and I played volleyball for awhile. Until my sister went to bump the ball and knocked my nephew Kyle in the side of the head pretty hard. He fell down and started crying. >.< That was the end of that game.

Later on he also got smacked in the nose with a baseball, and it gave him a nose bleed. Man alive that kid is accident prone.

Speaking of accident prone - I fell in a hole at the end of our picnic table. I was wearing big clunky sandles - with about a three inch sole. I fell in the hole and twisted my ankle. It's still sore.

Sunday we went to the moives. ::squee:: We saw PotC. My sister, her kids, and my dad all went. Ken and my mom stayed back at camp. Party poopers. It was great. Everyone really liked it. Even my dad who rarely goes to movies.

We went to Office Max and got a bunch of free stuff. You know - all that 'free after rebate' deal. We got a computer chair for my room - it wasn't free, but really cheap. My mom got a cd burner - which I told her wasn't going to work with our computer, but hell, it's free!

We came home on Monday. From the those four days - the only mail I got was a postcard from Cheryl while she was at Bluelake. ^_^ It made me feel special. But, then I felt guilty because I didn't sent her a lettr. I'm sorry again Cheryl!

My parents went to my brother's house last night, only a few hours after we got back. My dad had gotten Greg and Kelli a computer chair for their office. ::sigh:: My brother skips out on our family reunion to work on his barn, and my parents come back with a GIFT. If I even as much as thought about not going, I would get the 'you're a lousy daughter' glare. But no, beloved Gregory gets a present and a pat on the shoulder accompanied with an 'we understand'.

Last night I found out Erinn broke up with Ryan. I hate to say it - but I had a feeling it would happen. I don't know. There's that protective part of me that says no girl will ever deserve him. There isn't much I can do. I listen to him when he needs me to, but I still don't feel like that's much.

Oh yes... and this whole thing with Billy.

I never want to see the bastard again.

When he was down in Chicago, he slept with someone. He knew the girl for two days, and they did it in the movie theater. He came home and pretty much told everyone, but made them swear they wouldn't tell me. What a fucking idiot. He tells my closest friends, did he think they would all choose loyalty towards him? No! Zach told Jenny to tell me. Billy told Zach and Emilio if they told me he would kick their asses. Ha, I would like to see him try! Jenny told me - "you don't want to have anything to do with him". She didn't want to tell me at first, but I told her I wanted to know. It took her forever to just get it out. My heart was beating so fast, and I was shaking. When Jen told me, all I could think was "I wish Ryan was here. I need him." Amazingly, not even a second later, he signed on. ::smiles::

I told him what happened, and I think he was more upset about it then I was. He said he hated him and knew he was bad news from the moment I told him about Billy's drinking. He said he wished he was here so he could beat the shit out of him.

I found out later that Billy had also told Rachel, but she didn't tell me because he said he would. Yeah right! Like the coward is going to tell me himself.

I hate him. He's such an idiot. I can't believe I started to like him.

I have to be going. Jess and Kyle want to go for a walk.
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