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Okay, so I don't really feel like writing a huge update so here it is:

Family got a digital video camera and treadmill.

I got the John Mayer: Any Given Thursday cd, Pirates of the Caribbean dvd, a violin charm for the bracelet of conformity, and 5 dollars (don't ask), oh yeah - and a box of sugar free turtles - which by the way I do not like.

Yeah, so that was my Christmas.

I got yelled at by my dad for not wanting to babysit my niece and nephew. Probably because I swore at my mom. >.<

I bought the extended version of TTT. I love commentaries. ^_^

I babysat 10 children with Holly. That was interesting. A 13 year old hit on me. A little boy told me I was pretty. And I wanted to take a little Russian girl home with me. Oh - and one of the mothers looked like Bonnie Hunt.

Okay - so here's the funny quote of the day from my mom.

I was reading the article in Teen People about him and the starting line is "Who knew an elf could be so sexy?"

Mom: If Santa had elves like that, I would move to the North Pole.

Later -

Mom: Where is he from?
Me: Uh... England, Canterbury I think.
Mom: So, he has an English accent? Wooo, that's sexy.
Me: o.O Did you just say sexy?

Later yet -

I read one question to Orli about what he notices about a girl first. Which was eyes and smile.

Mom: Oh, he's lying. Come on, if he sees a big-chested woman, do you think he's looking at her EYES? NO!

::laughs hysterically:: If you know my mother, you will find this hilarious as well. She always makes fun of me for my obsession with Johnny and Orli. Now she's making comments like that about him! She cracks me up sometimes.

What else... hm, dad just tried to braid my hair. He was fumbling around with my hair and I was laughing and he goes "What, you don't think I can do it!?" and I shook my head and he threw my hair down and goes "Well, you're right."

My cousin and I spent the whole day together yesterday. She had some doctors appointments to go to and we went to some stores to look at baby stuff. Well, we were looking at the video camers and digital cameras - you know, to take pictures of the baby. There was this guy in a bright green hat and then all black. He was a strange fellow. Anyways, he was following me around. Well, one camera was on, so I wanted to take a picture, but my cousin didn't want one of her taken. So I was facing her and I go "Well, where's the green hat guy?" and I said it rather loudly because I coudln't see him. I didn't see him because he was standing right behind me. >.< He just looked at me and then looked away rather quickly. Oops.

Can't think of anything else at the moment.
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