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Well - I haven't updated in a while, so I suppose I should.

Summer is ending, and it's sad. School is looming over me like a huge tidal wave ready to suck me in and drown me.

I don't want to go to school - as if you couldn't tell. I'm not looking forward to Prairie State Exams and ACTs and such. Blah! Although, I am looking forward to writing the junior year term paper. I like writing so, I like that sort of stuff. Plus - I have Torbert for English so it makes it that much better.

My family has had a few shockers this past week. My cousin Dena is pregnant. She's not married and will not be marrying the father of the child. She's currently living with her best friend Jerid, who is gay. That child is going to be very confused. Dena wasn't even supposed to be able to have children - so I think they are worried that the child might have something wrong with it. I'm not sure what she has that was supposed to prevent her from having children.

Secondly, my sister-in-law Kelli is expecting another baby in April - the same month as Dena by the way. My mom asked my brother, Greg, whether they wanted a boy or a girl, and he goes "Oh, we want a baby brother, don't we Emilee?" Emilee is three by the way. She hit him and goes "No Dad! I want a baby sister!"

Heh, so cute. I think if they have a boy, they are going to name it Garrett. That is what they were planning on the first time - but they had a girl instead, obviously.

I went to a Labor Day picnic yesterday. It was with my dad's cousins and their families. This lady - she is like a thrid cousin to me - she and her husband have seven children, ranging from the ages of 17 years to 9 months. Can you believe that? Crazy.

They have this every year, and every year I sit very quietly, keeping to myself because I don't know anyone. This year, that lady's oldest son who is 17 decided he was going to make me participate. He made me play baseball - in the rain. I was soaked, I was cold, and we lost.

A couple of guys took the role of captians, they are Asian - strange how mixed up my family is. Anyways - I have met the one guy before. Gary is pretty nice, kinda quiet, but nice. Yesterday was the first time I met his brother - David. I didn't like him.

He is one of those guys that just gives off that air like he is better than everyone else. I was listening to them discuss who was going to play and which teams they would be on. And he called my father - 'the old man'. I thought that was incredibly rude. He said it with such... comtept, like it was absurd that this man would be able to play baseball. I nearly started crying. It was just... it hurt so much. I don't know if it was just the reality that my father is getting old hitting me or what. He's 58... he'll be 60 when I graduate. Four years minimum for college... that's 64. He already has problems with his back. I want my parents to be around when I get married and have children. I grew up without grandparents - I don't want that for my children.

Weddings make me think of bride's maids - your best friends. Best friends makes me think of how I have none! Jenny apologized for leaving me out - but every other day, Amber's car is always sitting in the drive way. I've gotten a call ONCE. And it wasn't one of those "Amber is coming over soon, do you want to come over?" It was an "Amber is already here... do you want to come over?" Which means... they invited me over guilt. It's a great feeling to know that you're an afterthought.

This is depressing. Lately, I haven't had anything to be happy about.

Oh wait... I take that back. I found the Benny and Joon dvd and Shopko for 10 dollars. That made me very happy. Johnny Depp is adorable in that movie. It's funny too. I highly recommend it. Yay for Johnny Depp.

Hm - how long is it until December 17? Do you think I can read the entire LotR trilogy by then? I'm only thirty pages into the Fellowship. I never finished the Hobbit. I lost it somewhere in my car. ^_^ Oops.

I think that's about it. Yep - it is.
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