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Man, my foot is asleep. I really don't like that feeling.

I'm such an idiot sometimes. >.< I went and spent all of my money. Heh - I bought FFX and this racing game the my nephew has. I became obsessed with it over the last couple of days, so I got it for myself. ^_^

Yeah - so I got Dan a card for his birthday. But, I didn't get him anything else yet. I don't know what to actually buy - so he may just get money. Eh - who doesn't like money?

I didn't have violin lessons today so I feel kind of empty. >.< I haven't practiced. I've been messing around with the piano instead. Aw man, I want to take lessons so badly. Moma won't let me. She says "one instrument at a time". You know what! She just doesn't want to pay for another one.

Gr. I wanted to go get Benny and Joon at Videos 4 Less because Video Goldmine didn't have it. Well - my mom's membership expired a long time ago. Plus - you have to be 18 to get a membership so I couldn't get one obviously. Mom had a headache, so she didnt' want to come with me. Boob. So! No Johnny Depp-y goodness for me tonight. >.<

Something funny happened today. But I forgot what it was.

Oh! Ryan can't remember who my friends are. So, he asked me to make a list. ^_^ Haha. That's amusing.

I bet my mom is angry that I am on the computer because that means she can't sign online downstairs. Oops. I hear her footsteps. They are not happy footsteps. o.O

I'm waiting for her to knock on the wall and tell me to get off. You know how we learned about classical conditioning? Well - I have associated footsteps with getting in trouble. When I get in trouble, my stomach tightens. Now - when I hear footsteps, my stomach tightens. ^_^

Speaking of psych... I want to take AP psych. Do you think I would be able to still take it? I mean - will the guidance office bite my head off if I try to take it?

Derek, you left your class schedule at my house. Just thought I would inform you.

Cheryl, you left your clothes. Eh, I already told you that.

I want to watch Chicago. I wish I had gone to the video store, but I really wanted to see Benny and Joon. >.<

This is a really random post.
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