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Hm... life sucks.

Jenny choose tonight to tell me that she's sorry she and Amber have been excluding me for the last year. All those pent up feelings started spewing out, and I cried my eyes out for about an hour. She didn't make excuses. It was pretty much an "We did what we did and now I'm sorry".

I told her I didn't feel like I could forgive her. I told her I felt betrayed. We went though all of this once before - the thing with someone being left out. Last summer we vowed to not leave anyone out. I guess it's okay when you're not the one being left out, eh?

I'm beginning to wonder what I did to deserve this.

I told my mom I was slowly turning into a 'sad kid'. She rolled her eyes and told me to knock it off.

My second cousin Matt is getting married on Saturday. We went shopping today for the gift and our outfits. I got this dark dress from Old Navy. It's nothing like what I normally wear. I don't think I'm going to be too comfortable. >.<

We went to Target to get the gift. We took about two hours there alone. It was horrible. We kept going around - looking for different things. We ended up getting a framed painting. It wasn't someting I would want in my house - but they had it on their list. Anyways - there were two different pictures (2 in the series), well we picked up the ugliest of the two the first time. So I had it out, and my mom grabbed the next one and told me to put the other one back. Well - the pictures had these hooks on the back that slid down when it was held upright.

The rack was at the very top of the display. So - how do you think one is suppose to hang it back up if the hooks slide in? Therefore, I decided I would try some manuvers to get it back up there. I think I flipped it over at least three times and swung it back and forth and slowly brought it up to the level of the rack. ::laughs:: I bet I looked pretty funny.

My mom thought so. All of a sudden she broke out laughing and gasps. She goes "It looked like you were trying to sneak up on it!" The way she found it so hilarious made me laugh. So - this poor innocent woman walks down the isle looking at picture frames to find us laughing hysterically. She kinda looked at us funny for a while and then she started laughing too. I don't care if she was laughing AT us or WITH us. But, I always like to put a smile on someone's face.

Well - that's all for now.

Oh yeah - Billy talked to me, but didn't bring up what a sleeze he is.
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