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I leave tomorrow for my family reunion. I'll be back on Monday. I'm hoping to persuade my family into seeing PotC while we are in Wisconsin.

My mother is pissed at me because I haven't been home all day to help pack. >.< I had to babysit, then I had driving. I got home and called Nicole to come over so I could show her what she'll have to do to take care of the animals. Then, Jenny called and Emilio was over there - showing them his puppies. He had promised he would call when he was over there. They were so cute! Aw, I wanted one.

Emilio looked really sad. I would be too if my best friend and significant other were both gone for a week.

Billy is an idiot. Nothing is going to happen between us. I suppose that is a good thing after all. I think I worry too much about what other people think. Jenny wants all of us to go out some time when we all get back. Just so Ryan will see that it won't work out.

Jenny obviously doesn't think it would. She still - er - never mind.

I know Orlando was in my dream again last night - I just don't remember what it was about.

Mom wants me to make a sign for directions - I ought to go do that. ::sigh::

Oh yeah - I had another go at the icon. Any better Liz?
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