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I made my first attempt at a icon made with PaintShop Pro... ::sigh:: I will get better. I promise. ^_^

Last night, I crawled into bed around ten thirty to wait for my mom to get off the phone with my sister. But, I didn't make it that long. I must have fallen asleep right away because the last thing I remember was looking at the clock. I don't remember a single dream either. I was out like a rock.

I didn't want to get up this morning either. It was about eight o'clock when my mom told me to get up. It look me a full half hour to get out of bed and climb in the shower. I had violin lessons at 9:45. Then an eye appointment at 11:15. Luckily they are really close.

The appointment went well. I still have 20/20 vision - but I missed a few letters the lady said. My mom attributes it to the fact that I haven't gotten much sleep this week. When the specialist looked at my retina, she said it looked great. She couldn't tell I was a diabetic by my eyes. There is this disease you get when your diabetes is affecting your body badly. There is no sign of it on my retinas. Thank goodness.

To look at my retinas, they had to dilate my eyes. ::laughs:: Oh goodness - I walked outside of the building and nearly screamed because it was so bright. I had to squint all the way to the car - which wasn't far, but still left open the opportunity for me to run into something.

I didn't feel to well for the rest of the day. I think I was still tired. I came home and waited for Jessica and Kyle to go back home before taking a nap. I think it was around five when I fell asleep, and I woke up around nine.

I had an interesting dream. Guess who was in it? ::grin::

I remember being with Liz at a cafe. We must have been in college together you see. I was reading a book and discussing it with her. I can't remember what the book was though. ::shrugs:: Anyways - we were sitting there, and this guy comes up and sits down at our table. Liz stopped talking for a moment and said hello then went back to commenting on the book. I looked over at the guy and guess who it was! Orlando Bloom! Funny thing was - we never called him Orlando. So, he wasn't actually famous or anything.

Anyways - he reached over and kissed my cheek then asked me how I was. We continued to chat for a while then left the cafe. I don't remember what happened next - you know how your dreams shift and then you're in a completely different setting? Yeah, that happened.

We ended up in a gym like place, watching a movie projected on the wall. I never looked at the movie. Hell, if Orlando Bloom was my boyfriend - I wouldn't be looking at the movie either! He was laying on his back, looking up at the ceiling and I was laying on my stomach so our heads were next to each others. We had gotten in a fight because he seemed upset, and I was near tears.

I told him Liz and I were going back to our dorm and I wanted him to call me later. He shook his head, sort of shrugging me off. I told him I was sorry, I 'just wasn't ready'. Ha, I didn't want to sleep with him! That's what the whole fight was about. I again asked him to call me so we could talk, and he said he didn't want to talk about it. We did enough talking, he said. He was talking rather harshly all this time, and I was becoming closer and closer to tears.

Liz came over to us and informed me that her car was stolen. ::snigger:: You didn't seem to bothered by it, Liz. Anyways - Orlando said he would drive us back to the dorm, which surprised me because he was so upset. I don't remember the car ride - but I remember Orlando walking us to our dorm room.

All the way there, he would knock on doors as he passed. Every single door - I was beginning to wonder what he was doing, but I didn't dare as him because he was still miffed. We were only a couple of doors away from ours, when one of the doors Orlando knocked on opened. It was a girl, and Orlando looked back at me, and he looked really sad. He goes "It was fun love. I'm sorry" and then he disappeared into the girl's dorm.

o.O I remember Liz patting my arm, and then I woke up feeling generally pretty depressed. Well, I'm glad I kept my morals on a high pedestal and everything - but to turn down Orlando Bloom? When I was clearly a condsenting adult? Stupid stupid. Aw - I hope I have a dream tonight where we make up. ::laughs::

Look what I can do in my dreams. I really do have him on the brain - don't I? I think I have officially become obsessed. Yes - it is offical.

Someone should make a list of guidelines to know when you are obsessed with someone or something.

"You know you're obsessed when..."

Every other guy looks like Orlando Bloom in some way?

You don't eat dinner because you're too busy staring at the guy at the other table who is the latest guy who resembles Orli?

No joke. That actually happened. My dad wanted to go to dinner last night - he had to go to that buffet place. I filled up on a salad that was the size of the plate. Oh, I also had a bowl of soup. After that, I was full. So - as my parents ate, I stared at this guy that looked a lot like Orli. I'm not just seeing things this time - my mom even said he looked like him.

Guess who the guy was? All of you that when to my elementry school - do you remember Chase Robins? ::laughs:: He kinda disappeared - no one really knew what happened to him. Well, it was his brother! I'm presuming it was his brother at least. It just made sense - parents two nearly-grown-children.

I stared at him for a really long time. Ha - so he was bound to noticed, right? Yeah, he did. He made eye contact and smiled, then looked away again.
I think it would be flattering to know that you are being stared at - even if it had nothing to do with you. ::laughs::

We were driving home - rather I was driving. I'm going along, and I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw him. I sort of laughed and go "THERE HE IS!" My mom - who had complained about my staring all through dinner - goes "ooo, ooo, where?". She was moving all over the back seat, trying to see him. ::rolls eyes::

Oh yes - I forgot to add my mother's comment. When he looked at me - he did it several times - my mom goes "He's making eyes at you. Stop it!"

My mom uses some of the strangest expressions. "Making eyes"? What does that mean exactly?

Ah - I've got to get off the computer. I have to go to my sister's house again. Blah >.
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