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Happiness abound!

"Haha... 'dropped the bacon'"
"Oh my goodness... You've lost it."
--- me and Jenny

"Oh, I'm sorry love, just ignore those creepy naked children with wings.."
--- me commenting on the Angel font to Liz

[me]: I'm in a rather good mood.
[me]:I found an AWESOME poster of Orlando from YM.
[Jenny]: lol
[me]: THanks to Steph... my fellow Orli fangirl.
[Jenny]: Heather.... are you obsessed?
[me]: ::nods::
[me]: Yes.
[Jenny]: lol
[Jenny]: at least you admit it
[me]: I thought a guy at Wal-mart looked like Orli.
[Jenny]: lol
[me]: My mom dropped the bacon and goes "HEATHER! This is an OBSESSION! STOP!"
[me]: It was great.
[Jenny]: lol
[me]: haha... 'dropped the bacon'... haha.. that's not figurative either.
[Jenny]: that's funny
[me]: It was literal. She was looking at bacon.
[me]: LOL!
[me]: hahaha
[Jenny]: Heather! lol You're crazy
[me]: lol! I know!

I'm in a very good mood.

My mom and I had a bonding day today. We went shopping and out to eat for lunch. I asked my mom a bunch of questions about her and Dad's 'beginnings'. She smiled and leaned on the table. It was nice to see my mom so happy. I felt like I should be writing a book about my experience. Like, no matter how much my mom and I fight, it all melts down to that one moment when we can talk like best friends.

I'm making a vow to be closer to my mom than my brother and sister. Sure, she's one of those people that has to have everything 'just so' and can be quite annoying. But, she's our mom. That means a hell of a lot more than when she embarrasses us to death. Right? She gave birth to us! We were all in her womb! Er.. well, not at the same time of course. But you know what I mean.

I'm in such a great mood. ::frolicks:: haha I looked at that and thought "licking a fro, that would be really gross!".

I can't spell if my life depended upon it. Well - maybe not to that extreme.

OH! Do you know what!? I found a font completely composed of turtle symbols! Liz and I agreed that 'people like us' come up with things like that. Kinda like the Angel font.. ::shudders:: There was another font that had normal lettering... save the cerub floating in the corner. They were scary. Liz and I were discussing what it would be like if that is all you had to type with. Wouldn't that be horrible!!? That's where the quote came from.

Jenny thinks I'm off my rocker. That's okay. I'm happy and I'm making other people laugh and smile and such. That's good enough for me.

Watch... I'll be depressed tomorrow. ha.

Hey Ryan, maybe I am bipolar! o.O
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